What does the new year hold for you?  We often take the turning of the year to reflect on the year past, and what we would like the future year to look like.

I see many clients in the New Year who want ‘New Year, New You’ – and in my world that means an image refresh. Rightly or wrongly we are judged on our appearance – someone who looks very well presented is assumed to be ‘on top of their game’. But our image also sends messages about who we are (or who we want to be perceived as).

In my new Personal Branding consultation, I focus on what our image says about us, and ensuring that image is the one that we want others to have of us. One element that I touch on is the psychology of colour.

Colour can not only make us look amazing, it can also send messages to others about us. Plus, the Colour we wear also has an impact on how we feel too!

So if you are thinking about your image going into the New Year – whether that to give you inner confidence or to wow your new boss at your interview – then maybe you might like to think about how you can use colour to your advantage to tell the world what you are all about:

Here’s a quick run through the primary colours.

Red – Is a real power colour!  It’s exciting, energetic and ambitious.  But beware, the power of this colour can be seen as aggressive to some.  So use in situations carefully, and ones that you want to be in charge of!

If you just want a hint of this powerful colour, then an accessory like this chain strap handbag from Marks & Spencer is perfect.

Red EDIE CROSS BODY handbag Accessorize

Whilst if you want to command the attention that you deserve, then you will receive it in this structured but feminine silhouetted jacket from Hobbs.

Red Hobbs Jacket

Blue – In contrast to red, Blue is calmer.  It conveys messages of trust, peace and order.  It can also be seen as predictable and conservative – great for saying ‘I’m a safe pair of hands’, but not so much if you are more creative and want to shake things up a bit!

This gorgeous satin shirt from M&S is simple, stylish and sophisticated.  It can be easily dressed up or down, smart or casual – a shirt that you will get a lot of wear out of!

Blue satin blouse Marks & Spencer

This pleated skirt from White Stuff is being worn in an ‘on trend’ tonal way which is trustworthy, and current.  The skirt is also very versatile, wear now with a cosy knit and ankle boots, and later in the season with a tee and trainers.

Blue Stem Shimmer Skirt, White Stuff

Yellow – Who doesn’t smile when they see yellow?!  It’s a friendly, happy and playful colour.  So keep it out of the corporate board room, but use it when you want to show your playful side!

This cosy yellow coat from Yumi couldn’t be more playful, and great for adding a pop of colour to your look.  You could even pop this over a smart dress for work, or jeans for a more casual look.

Yellow Yumi Moleskin Brushed Coat

If yellow isn’t your best colour, but you would like a pop of playfulness to your outfit, then the lines of this Mulberry tote has a perfect balance of sleek vs playful.

Yellow Mulberry Bayswater Small Classic Grain Leather Tote Bag

It’s not just the bright and bold primary colours that send clear messages, neutral colours do exactly the same!

Black – Has a timeless elegance and sophistication to it.  But it is a colour which is not to be messed with – as it can convey power and control, and also be unapproachable.

Beiges – Whilst in contrast, Beiges are friendly and approachable.  So if you want people to reach out for you, then you should reach out for the beiges in your wardrobe!

This beige knitted skirt and jumper is a chic combo, and here teamed with some winter ankle boots to finish off the look.

Beige MALI KNITTED PENCIL SKIRT and jumper, Monsoon

If you want to know more about the messages that all colours can show, then please contact me about my Personal Branding Consultations.  Or if you would just like to know which colours make you look amazing, then why not book in for a Colour Consultation – and treat yourself in the New Year!

Here’s to a colourful 2020!