One of the best things about being a personal image consultant – apart from meeting my lovely clients of course – is that a couple of times a year I get to preview the upcoming fashion trends. I go to catwalk shows with my Colour Me Beautiful colleagues, try out the latest wardrobe styles, accessories and make-up, get up close and personal with gorgeous new merchandise and compare notes with other expert personal stylists.  I love my job!

But while I’d love to tell you that I’m hanging out with models, deisgners or even shopping all day, what I’m actually doing is studying the trends. The core part of my job is to pick out the key looks and translate them into what works for ordinary people, like you and me, taking into consideration our colouring, shape, style personality and lifestyle.

So let’s start with the colours for the AW ‘17 season

There’s lots of talk of the “big” colours for this year, with red being at the top of every designer’s list. Actually, it’s not just at the top of the list: it’s standing in four-inch stiletto heels, pinning the rest of the list down, adding another coat of lippy and shouting “Look at meeeee!”

Red is a great colour, anyone can wear it, and personally I love a bit of red to brighten up an outfit, even if it’s just some red lipstick. It can lift me up, boost my confidence and send me out into the world with a big, self-assured smile.

But I realise red isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some women just don’t feel right in red and if this is you then there’s no need to feel left out or let down. Because standing next to Red, holding her jacket and egging her on is…… (drum roll) …. Navy!

Navy doesn’t have to shout, it knows it’s cool

Yes, you read that correctly. Coming out of the school uniform closet, Navy snuck up behind Red while we were all distracted and stands there cool, classic and chic, demanding our attention in the subtlest, understated and yet most powerful way.

Giving red an impressive run for its money, navy is everywhere – block colours, patterns, accessories, footwear – you name it. It has fairly and squarely replaced black as the cool kid on the block (and we all say hallelujah!). Navy is the signature colour for strength and unity and is also a far kinder colour for many of us to wear rather than its black counterpart.

How to wear navy for timeless elegance

Wear it like you would wear black, for example:-

  • In the office: a navy trouser or skirt is fab (trouser suits were on all the AW catwalks)
  • At home: chunky knits are still all the rage for cosy fireside evenings or long country walks
  • Party season: think LND (Little Navy Dress) rather than LBD, far more sophisticated and you won’t look like a clone of every other woman in the room

Don’t Forget to Complement Your Colouring

While navy is exceptionally versatile, the depth of colour is still something you need to think about. A lighter navy is great for most of us, but for those with dark hair and eyes, the deeper the navy the better. This also goes for those with silver or ash hair and pink skin tones.

Need my help?

If you’re wondering where to start updating your wardrobe with navy, red, or any of the other AW ’17 colours and styles, then give me a call. My personal colour consultation will tell you what colours and shades suit your colouring, how to mix and match colours, and where to shop for this season’s styles.