Personal Branding

Your Personal Brand is what people say about you when you leave the room, i.e. it’s the message that you leave behind with others.

This session differs from an image (colour or style) consultation, as it is focused on your image conveying the messages that you wish it to.

This consultation is suited to anyone!  It’s perfect for your working image (whether employed or self-employed), as well as your non-working / social image.

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A Personal Branding consultation  will enable you to:

  • Make the most of yourself
  • Make a greater impact in all settings
  • Create an image that reflects your abilities, personality and values
  • Enhance your potential
Colourful clothes

During the Consultation

  • We will start with your values / business value
  • Learn about the psychology of colour, and therefore which colours match your values
  • Learn about your Style Personality, and how to use this to convey the messages you wish
  • Review items from your own wardrobe vs the image you want to portray

After the Consultation

The result will be an image that reflects your ability, personality and values. Expect inner confidence, a positive self-image and personal credibility.

Duration and Costs

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £170

Learn how to make a greater impact in all situations

To arrange your consultation or to purchase gift vouchers for someone special please contact Lynnette

"I have found that I have had a lot more compliments on what I am wearing and how well I look just by wearing the right colours and reigning back the black. What has been really interesting is that colours I would have just dismissed straightaway and not even picked up off the rail in a shop are actually just right for me.

Laura P

I was keen to try new colours and styles but never felt brave enough. I now have my colour booklet and find myself sweeping round shops disregarding items I know already won't suit me and armed with all sorts of new things to try on!"


The consultation process was really fun. I had no idea about the type of colours that would suit me, but Lynnette's training and natural instinct soon established which colours (shades I now understand!) will work for me.

Laura M