“I have found that I have had a lot more compliments on what I am wearing and how well I look just by wearing the right colours and reigning back the black. What has been really interesting is that colours I would have just dismissed straightaway and not even picked up off the rail in a shop are actually just right for me.”

“I actually left the session feeling totally empowered and much more confident in myself, my shape and my wardrobe. For me it has been invaluable!”

“I can’t recommend a full image consultation (colour and style) session enough. I didn’t know what to expect but it was such an encouraging experience. I actually left the session feeling totally empowered and much more confident in myself, my shape and my wardrobe.”

Rose gold sunglasses, elegant sunglasses

“The make -up tips and my new eyeliner have also made it so much easier to make that little bit more effort to look nice. The difference is amazing, I feel much happier about the way I look.”

“I was keen to try new colours and styles but never felt brave enough. I now have my colour booklet and find myself sweeping round shops disregarding items I know already won’t suit me and armed with all sorts of new things to try on!”

“I hadn’t realised that with my hair turning grey, my skin tone has changed and even my eye colour had softened. Needless to say my body shape had also changed and Lynnette’s advice on better shapes / clothing lines for my body has given me enormous confidence.”

“Using the right colour shading around my eyes really made my blue eyes stand out far more than my usual black mascara and eyeliner – which has now been thrown away!”

“I wanted to make various items in my working wardrobe work harder for me.  Lynnette was brilliant at putting together new outfits.  She saw combinations of colours and style I just hadn’t seen which was very exciting.  She made the whole process highly enjoyable, very productive and she’s a joy to work with!”

“Thanks Lynnette, you did a great job and I would highly recommend her. You will be surprised by the new wardrobe opportunities!”

“The consultation process was really fun. I had no idea about the type of colours that would suit me, but Lynnette’s training and natural instinct soon established which colours (shades I now understand!) will work for me.”

“Thank you so much for sorting my colours out for me now that I have changed my hair colour so dramatically! As always it was lovely to see you and good fun. I am delighted with my new colour wallet, love the make up and can’t wait to give the new products a try on my own”

AW trends, ankle boot trend

“A friend gave me a session with Lynnette, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience. I have had numerous compliments on my new style! I love what I see in the mirror!  Lynnette has an extraordinary way of making you feel comfortable and without me realising it she built up an accurate sense of me and set straight to work.”