It has been said that if there is one fabric that characterises the modern wardrobe, and the ever increasing fluidity of our lifestyle its denim – and I couldn’t agree more.

It is a timeless fabric that has been reinvented over the years – and this season is much more diverse, with new shapes and textures.

So for those of you who love denim, you really will be in heaven this season!

In addition to this, Pantone have announced that their colour for 2020 is Classic Blue.  So if there ever was a time to get out that blue denim – it is now!

Pantone Colour of the Year: Classic Blue

Here’s a quick round up of some great denim options:

Jumpsuits are still very much on trend, as they have been for a few seasons now.  The cut of this jumpsuit from White Stuff is slightly more relaxed, and is lovely and soft.  A great casual option.

White Stuff £65
White Stuff £65

Whilst this one from Oasis is great for layering when the weather is still a little on the chilly side.

Denim jumpsuit
Oasis £56

If you like the all over look of denim, then a Dress could be a great option for you.  This one from Boden is great if you want to skin over your tummy area.

Denim Dress Boden £75
Boden £75

Whilst the belted dress from Whistles will show off a fab waist!

Denim dress
Whistles £139

I can’t talk denim without mentioning denim Jackets.  But don’t think you have to go down the traditional boxy denim jacket route.  I love the tailoring of this blazer from M&S.  Plus it has some stretch, so that you can move in it too.  M&S even have matching trousers, so you can do double denim (and yes, this season, its OK to do double denim!), but the contemporary way.

Denim blazer jacket Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer £59

There is every type of denim shirts around season, but to stand out from the crowd, why not wear something a little different, like this polka dot shirt from Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins £24
Dorothy Perkins £24

Or for those of you who like a bigger statement, then how about this full sleeved shirt from Mint Velvet.  The trend for big sleeves is still very much around for this season.   This is a great shape if you want to add detail to your hip area, but any pear shapes should avoid sleeves like this, as they will only create width around your widest area.

Mint Velvet £79

A denim skirt might be something you already have in the back of the wardrobe, and if so get it out!  In the shops, there are some lovely modern shaped denim skirts like this tiered skirt from Monsoon.  Tiered skirts and dresses are a big trend for Spring / Summer’20, so with this skirt you will hit both trends – double bonus!

Denim tiered skirt Monsoon
Monsoon £55

Many of us also have jeans in our wardrobes, but don’t just think jeans for this seasons denim trousers – as there are some great alternatives in our shops right now.  These utility trousers from Whistles are a great option if you have a fab waist and slim hips.

Denim Utility Trouser Whistles
Whistles £149

Whilst these culottes from M&S are super flattering for most

Denim culottes marks and spencer

When choosing your denim trousers do consider which leg shape works for you – as a wide or tapered leg can make a huge difference depending on height and shape.

Accessories in denim are useful if you want just a hint of this trend, or if you want to add to a full-on denim look.  This pouch from Gap is a perfect addition.

Denim Pouch Gap
Gap £29.95

Whilst these canvas shoes from Levis, are perfect to show that denim isn’t just for jeans!

Levis Canvas Shoe
Levis £39.99

Now for me as a Colour Expert and Personal Stylist, I know that many people like blue – however as ever, we look our best in our best shade of blue.  Or some of us need to ‘warm up’ a denim blue to ensure that we look fabulous.  Some modern denim can also be softer and more fluid than the traditional stiffer denim – so its key to know what kind of denim fabric suits you best.

So if you want to know how you can wear denim for your personal colouring and body shape this season, then why not book yourself a Full Image Consultation?