As much as I’ve enjoyed such a glorious long, hot Summer, I’m actually pretty pleased that Autumn is finally showing its face. This is undeniably my favourite season! I’m so relieved to be waving goodbye to those hot humid nights of precious little or no sleep, and welcoming the crisp mornings, dew on the grass, and piles of crunchy golden leaves to stomp through.

Every change of season heralds a new range of fashion collections, and as a personal stylist and image consultant that sets my trend-spotting antenna buzzing! And the new Autumn/Winter 2018 season has not disappointed. I’m thrilled that prints have remained firmly on the menu in just about every couture collection doing the rounds of the catwalk shows.

If you attended one of my Spring/Summer styling sessions, you will remember my advice on how to wear patterns. Anyonecan wear a pattern, you just need to choose carefully according to your shape and style personality.

This Autumn you will see patterns wherever you look, so if its not something you would ordinarily consider I encourage you to think about it now. Some of the new trends are already hitting the High Street, and the two main patterns I want to highlight are animal printand checks.

How to rock an animal print in your wardrobe

Yes animal print has caught the imagination of designers everywhere. But before you think “Bet Lynch behind the bar at The Rovers”, the variety of wildlife represented this season – leopards, snakes, zebras, tigers etc – and the clever and stylish ways this pattern has been used in everything from hats to shoes is inspiring.

Animal print is wonderful for those with curves – finally a pattern that’s made for you! – especially if you have a Dramatic style personality (i.e. you like to use clothes to make a statement and don’t shy away from pattern or colour).

If you’re wondering how your colouring affects the animal print you choose don’t worry! Not only is there a vast selection of prints to explore there’s plenty of colour choice too!

Animal print styleCheck out those checks!

The Royal Family has been front and centre this Summer (weddings, birthdays, new babies, The Crown) so some fashion journalists are talking about the “Balmoral Look”. Wherever the inspiration came from, checks and tartan patterns are making a big statement for Autumn.

These patterns are brilliant for you if your body shape is straighter. This season’s checks also come in a variety of sizes and colours, so think about your colouring and style personality too. For instance, Dramatic personalities can go big and bold!

Checks are also ideal for Classics– you like to look neat, co-ordinated and timeless. So opt for a more conservative check and give a nod to the trend in your own poised and understated way.

Checks classic vs creativeRemember ladies, patterns emphasise. So whatever trend you decide to embrace this Autumn, consider which parts of your body the pattern is going to draw attention to.

As I said, patterns can play a key role in any wardrobe, so have fun exploring the latest trends and bringing out your wild side – as loudly or noiselessly as you like!

If you’d like my personal advice on how to style the latest trends then come to one of my Autumn Winter 2018 Styling Sessions. Relax with a cup of coffee in my Home Studio while I show you all the latest trends and translate what they mean for ladies of all sizes, shapes and personalities!