Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters on the planet, second only to the oil industry? That sounds bizarre but when you think about the water pollution, water consumption, waste accumulation, microfibres, chemicals, carbon emissions, soil degradation and rainforest destruction involved in producing textiles – the fashion world has a lot to answer for.

And as consumers we can be just as much to blame. The ‘fast fashion’ habit – where you might buy a cheap top for a night out only to have it fall apart after a couple of washes so you throw it away – only exacerbates the problem.

What is “Sustainable Fashion”?

“Sustainable fashion” is a bit of a catch-all phrase for the growing movement within the industry towards a more environmentally conscious approach to design and production.

The industry is doing its bit to clean up their act by developing processes that are kinder to the environment and to the people involved in production. And you canfind designerswho focus on sustainability and fair trade, but you do need to hunt for them. I think it will be a while yet before sustainable fashion goes mainstream.

how can you be sustainable with your clothes

So what can we as consumers do in the meantime?

I believe it starts with us as individuals giving just a little thought and consideration when shopping for new clothes.

You’d think as a personal stylist I’d be encouraging you to do more shopping, buy more, consume more. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Sustainability has always been intrinsically linked to how I work in my image consulting studio. When clients come to me for advice, I always emphasise that while a nod to the latest trends is welcome, the focus needs to be on sustainable style.

How does that work?

Discover what works for you, and only you

If you know what makes you look good – both in style and colour – then any wardrobe purchases will have lasting quality. My colour and styling consultations reveal what colours work best for you, and what styles suit your body shape. I give you all the tools you need to make smart choices when buying new clothes, choices that will last you for several years. No more unworn or unloved clothes at the back of your wardrobe!

What to remember when clothes shopping

Ask yourself these three questions: Do I needit? Will I get lots of use out of it? What do I already have that I can mix and match it with?

You can only answer this honestly if you have a good grasp on what you already have at home. And if you can answer YES to all three questions andif the item works for you in colour, shape and style andit makes you feel fabulous in it, then go for it!

Work with what you have already

Your current wardrobe probably has more potential in it than you realise. I recommend that every now and again you should have a good old clear out, removing anything that doesn’t work for you anymore and taking it to your local charity shop. Then rearrange what’s left so you can see how everything works together. Personally I organise my wardrobe by item type e.g. jackets, short-sleeved tops, skirts etc, then by colour so I can see all the available options for mixing and matching.

If this feels like a bit of a daunting task, then my Wardrobe Weedingservice is perfect. I will come to your house, rummage through your wardrobe, and determine very quickly which items you should keep or not. This isn’t just because of my personal styling knowledge and expertise. As I don’t have the emotional attachment to your wardrobe that you do, I can take an entirely objective view!

Once we’ve identified the items you want to keep, we’ll find anything that needs a little TLC – maybe some mending or altering. If you don’t have the necessary sewing or dressmaking skills then it’s time to make friends with your local seamstress! Before you know it you’ll be seeing a whole new realm of possibilities in your wardrobe!

Personal style isn’t about always buying the latest trend. Its about knowing your individual style personality and making the most of it. Discovering your “best you” if you like. This is where I can help. Please contact me to find out how.

And remember my styling mantra: Buy less, wear more.

Until next time,

Lynnette xx