As an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist I get asked about the colour black a lot!  ‘Can I wear black?’  ‘Please don’t tell me that I ‘cant’ wear black!’ BTW I would never tell someone that they couldn’t wear a specific colour, but I would show them the most flattering way for them to wear that specific colour.

Many women use black as a staple ‘uniform’ or their wardrobe, whether that’s a working or social wardrobe.  It’s often also the first colour choice for evening / socialising wear.

It’s often thought that black is slimming – it can be, if worn in the correct style and fabric.  In fact, it’s just darker shades that are slimming rather than black per se.

But also – it’s not just the colour you wear but how you wear it that makes it a success.


Wear black on its own

If you can wear black on its own, then go for it and make a bold statement.  You could add different textures to add interest your outfit e.g. if layering


Wear black in contrast

Some of us can wear black, but not on its own, and we need some contrast i.e. lighter or brighter colour teamed with it.  Think monochrome look, or adding a splash of your best colour

If black isn’t for you

Some of us don’t look our best in black – it can be a bit harsh on us, or drain our natural colour away.  If so there are some things that we can do:


Fabric choice

Choose fabrics which are textured or soft to the touch like knits.  Chiffon, silk, and satin are also great to help soften the look.



Adding jewellery will help make your black outfit more flattering.  The light will reflect off the accessories, which will give the look a lift.  Warmer skin tones better in gold.  Cooler skin tones better in silver.

And don’t forget the trusted scarf!

Scarves are a fool proof ally to ensure that black works for you whatever your colouring.  Choose a scarf in your best shade(s).



As with accessories – ensuring that you are wearing the right shades of make-up when wearing black is crucial.

Your make-up shades become even more important when you are trying to balance out the black, and lipstick being key to this.

The main thing to ensure you have right is the warm vs cool undertone of your make-up and lipstick, so a cool rose pink vs a warmer peachy colour.

Or if red lips are your thing, then a ruby red vs a tomato red for example.


It doesn’t have to be black!

There are other colour choices that deliver what black doesn’t, but in a more flattering way for many of us.  Why not consider other deep neutral shades such as:

  • Browns
  • Damson / berry colours
  • Navy and blues
  • Charcoal


If you would like some personal advice on how you can best wear black, or which are your best ‘non-black’ options, then please get in touch.