When its the start of a new season, its always best to remember what makes you uniquely you.  We don’t want to be clones of each other – we want to be the best version of ourselves.  Helping my clients do this is what makes me really happy as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.

Now is also a great time to have a declutter – so you know what you have, and what you might want for the new season to refresh your wardrobe to ensure you look current, and like the well dressed woman you want to be perceived as.

Each new season, the fashion industry and retailers bombard us with images of whats ‘hot’ right now.  How I tackle the new season, is to work with my clients to see how they can incorporate the latest trends into their wardrobe, whilst still feeling like themselves.

This Autumn/winter season we are seeing two opposing trends that I want to focus – to help you understand which might be ‘the trend’ for you.  These 2 trends are ‘Mixing Patterns’ and the ‘Tone On Tone Look’:

Yellow floral skirt and blouse mixed patterned look. Mustard tonal style

MIXING PATTERNS: key style tips

  • Colour – try and keep at least 1 similar colour going through the patterns, so that it has an element of coordination
  • Similar patterns – using similar patterns in a clashing way eg different florals or checks. If you are curvy, then florals will look better than checks, and vice versa
  • Style personality – Creatives and Dramatics love this look. This isn’t a look for everyone, but if it does float your boat, then this is the season to go for it!  Style Personality is key to understanding your own style, so if you want help understanding that for yourself, then contact me about a Style Consultation

Green mixed patterned dress from Mango

TONE ON TONE: key style tips

  • Colour – as it’s a strong colour look, then its key that you do this look with a colour from your CMB wallet, so it will be one of your best colours (if you don’t know which colours and shades you look ‘wow’ in, then book in for a Colour Consultation)
  • Differing depths of the same colour – you might like to really think this through and put the darker shade on an area of your body that you wish to minimise in order to balance out your proportions, so eg if you were a classic triangle or pear shape, then use the darker shade on your bottom half (if you need help understanding your body shape, then contact me about a Style Consultation)
  • Height – if you are petite, then this look a great for creating the illusion of height, as you are using colour blocking in your favour. I personally use this a lot, and you can see some personal examples and photos over on my facebook page
  • Style personality – Dramatics will do this look with brighter colours, City Chic will take a more muted colour choice, Classics love the coordination, and Naturals love it as its easy to coordinate) – so its worth trying out!

Tone on tone checked suit style

Hope that this has helped you with Autumn / Winter’19.  If you would like more advice which is personal to you, then contact me about my Seasonal Style Updates